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Shirtless Male Celebs


Shirtless Celeb: Peter Outerbridge

A shirtless gallery of Peter Outerbridge. Outerbridge has one crazily sex chest – with all of that chest hair! You can look forward to seeing him in the film Haunter, but it won’t be released until 2013.


Shirtless Celeb: Dillon Casey

A shirtless gallery of Dillon Casey. Casey is currently a cast member of the show Nikita and made an appearance in the new film The Vow.


Shirtless Celeb: Sam Page

A Shirtless gallery of Sam Page. Page has done a lot of TV work including co-starring in the TV movie Annie Claus Is Coming to Town. He will be appearing in the film 180 which is set for release in June of 2012.


Shirtless Celeb: Douglas Smith

A Shirtless gallery of Douglas Smith. Smith was part of the cast of Big Love until it ended in March, 2011. He is in two upcoming films: Antiviral and The Boy Who Smells Fish.


Shirtless Celeb: Tom Bott

A shirtless gallery of Tom Bott. Bott is an actor and has also produced some short films. He will be playing Jimmy in the film Brash Young Turks to be released in 2012 in the UK.