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Shirtless Celeb: Josh Brolin

A shirtless gallery of Josh Brolin. Brolin is gracing us with his appearances in two movies this year. The first, which just came out is Men in Black III and upcoming is Gangsters.  Brolin looks lean and mean in these shirtless pics!


Shirtless Celeb: Raza Jaffrey

Although we don’t have many pictures of Raza Jaffrey Shirtless the ones we have show off his sensual body. Jaffrey is currently in the new show Smash which recently had it’s season finale. We can certainly wait until next year to tune in and see more of him.


Shirtless Celeb: Joe Dempsie

Shirtless Joe Dempsie is in the TV series Game of Thrones so we decided to gather all of his shirtless pictures we could find. Dempsie has a fantastic body so he should proudly strut his stuff.


Shirtless Celeb: Nick Offerman

A Shirtless gallery of Nick Offerman. Offerman is best known for his role as Ron Swanson in the comedy series Parks and Recreation. Check out Offerman’s sexy hairy chest.


Shirtless Celeb: Grey Damon

A Shirtless gallery of Grey Damon. Damon currently plays Lee LaBeque in the TV show The Secret Circle.