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Shirtless Male Celebs


Shirtless Celeb: B. J. Novak

A Shirtless gallery of B. J. Novak.  You can see this sexy hunk of a man on the TV comedy series The Office.  His most current film was The Dictator.


Shirtless Celeb: Sean Maher

Shirtless Sean Maher has one hot, sizzlin’ body. I found every shirtless picture I could of him. I am hoping for more in the near future. Maher is currently playing Sean Beasley in the show The Playboy Club.


Shirtless Celeb: Ben Chaplin

Shirtless Ben Chaplin has been acting since 1990 and has been in a lot of movies and TV shows. He shares a great underwear scene and some hair on his chest too! Chaplin is currently playing the role of Alvo in a new UK series called Mad Dogs.


Shirtless Celeb: Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy doesn’t have a lot of Shirtless pictures out there, but the ones he does have are fantastic. Catch Cassidy in the new series Men at Work.


Shirtless Celeb: Aaron Stanford

A shirtless gallery of Aaron Stanford. Stanford is cute and he is currently playing the role of Seymour Birkhoff in the TV show Nikita.


Shirtless Celeb: James D’Arcy

A shirtless gallery of James D’Arcy. D’Arcy’s most current film is W. E. and he will be in Philosophers coming out soon.