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Shirtless Male Celebs


Shirtless Celeb: Matthew Lewis

A shirtless gallery of Matthew Lewis. Lewis shows off his Twink body in this fabulous pool scene!


Shirtless Celeb: Raza Jaffrey

Although we don’t have many pictures of Raza Jaffrey Shirtless the ones we have show off his sensual body. Jaffrey is currently in the new show Smash which recently had it’s season finale. We can certainly wait until next year to tune in and see more of him.


Shirtless Celeb: Clark Gregg

Shirtless Clark Gregg is in the new film The Avengers and it makes for great scenes. Gregg’s nice body and hairy chest makes us wonder what is under his pants. I love the picture of him looking down at himself. Deserves a happy grin, I bet!


Shirtless Celeb: Tom Bott

A shirtless gallery of Tom Bott. Bott is an actor and has also produced some short films. He will be playing Jimmy in the film Brash Young Turks to be released in 2012 in the UK.